Printed Clothing for Your Employees

If you want to enhance your company’s image in the eyes of contemporary shoppers, it is high time you capitalized on printed clothing for your staff. Traditionally, such workwear was valued only for its utility. For instance, a chef had to have a jacket to maintain hygiene in the kitchen.

Brand Ambassadors

Staff wear has changed tremendously over the last three decades. It is no wonder you can point out different airline’s hostesses based on their conspicuously branded clothing. It is time to take advantage of printing services to turn your staff into brand ambassadors.

Printing as the Best Clothing Branding Technique

There are many ways of branding your workwear, but printing has been cited as one of the best and for good reason. As an entrepreneur it behoves on you to get insight on this technique in order to capitalize on its immense benefits when you order your staff clothing.

There are two main types of clothing printing approaches:

Screen printing: It is the most common and involves an ink-blocking stencil block with your desired design applied on a woven mesh. It creates an open area through which ink can be applied on a piece of clothing and pressed on to the garment. Heat curing is then done to ensure the printed substrate dries quickly. This ensures the design can last even under harsh conditions.

Digital garment printing: This form of printing involves use of an ink jet printer to directly transfer an image onto a piece of clothing. In this case, this image is your company logo or business name, which is transferred using a process called Direct to Garment (DGT).

Examining the Pros of Garment Printing

There are other techniques, such as embroidery, which are still popular in branding staff clothing. However, printing has emerged as the preferred option by most business owners.

Some of the benefits you gain by opting for printed clothing over the embroidered technique include:

High end standards: Printing assures you of a perfectly designed image because specifications are easy to meet. You will get the exact image you had requested on your staff clothing to meet your branding objectives.

Ideal for larger designs: Embroidery works best for small images. For larger images on staff clothing, printing is the ideal branding method. The effect is even more magnificent if multiple colours are involved.

Speed: If you opt for digital garment printing, your company will enjoy faster turnaround times. Like any other digitized processes, you enjoy higher efficiency, which saves you both time and money.

Intricate images: if you have a complex logo to replicate on workwear, screen printing comes in handy. You can incorporate multiple effects including distressing, shading and gradients to create an amazing logo.

Durability: Heat-curing ensures your workwear can withstand machine-washing without any effect. The fact that your company will enjoy a beautiful, yet long-lasting, logo makes this your perfect cloth printing option.

Truth be told, the benefits of printed clothing go on and on. You can have this form of printing on any form of apparel from coats, shirts, tote bags to t-shirts. What’s more, this is a cost-effective method for bulk cloth branding.

You not only save money through cloth printing, but your business also ends up with a spectacular branding tool on its hands.

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