Rejuvenating Your Company Branding with Embroidered Workwear

Times are hard for most entrepreneurs. The aftershocks of the 2007/2008 global economic recession are still being felt. With the World Bank reporting slow growth in most leading economies, including the UK, you can bet things will only improve gradually.

Rejuvenating through Re-branding

Well, they say necessity is the mother of all invention and it is for this reason that your company needs a re-branding campaign to give it a competitive edge in your niche. Business gurus reckon this is the ideal moment for businesses to recharge before the economy starts picking up.

Staff Clothing as a Re-branding Technique

Now that you have decided to spruce up your company’s image, where do you start? One of the most overlooked methods is embroidered workwear clothing. Through this technique, your company’s logo is embroidered on conspicuous staff wear.

Such clothing includes work jackets, work shirts, coveralls and overalls, aprons, tabards, tunics, polo shirts and fleeces, among other clothing items.

The genius behind this approach is in the fact that your employees are your company’s foremost marketing tools. As such, they represent your brand whenever they are engaged in work-related   activities.

Assume you run a home cleaning service in Chelsea. The moment your employees step into a property, they represent your company’s image. As such, their embroidered workwear enhances their image and in turn your company’s overall professional outlook.

By proudly presenting your logo, business name and motto on their uniforms, they are offering free marketing. If they offer satisfactory service, your brand will grow tenfold. Every time a property owner notices one of your employees in embroidered clothing, brand recognition will be instantaneous.

Getting a New Image to Enhance Your Brand

If your business is going through a rough stretch, it is time to invest in embroidered workwear clothing, which helps to refresh its image. Once you have made this decision, consider the following before requesting embroidering services:

Refresh your logo: Sometimes a logo may need a little bit of a touch up. You should go for a fresh image that is still close to the original logo, which is then embroidered on the staff uniform.

Prick customer interest: Once you have reworked your image, make sure your new logo to be embroidered on staff clothing raises eyebrows. This is a sure way of initiating conversation about your brand especially on social media platforms. Some big companies play with their logos every other time and people are glued to their screens to see what comes next.

Involve your staff: Your new embroidered logo should have immense staff input. This will make it easier for them to answer queries from customers. Moreover, they will embrace their new staff uniforms without hesitation, which is a morale booster in any workplace.

Capitalize on styling: The new uniforms must reflect a change in design to match the logo. This will highlight your commitment to a new image and better service delivery to customers. With stylish embroidered workwear, you can bet the modern shopper who is highly informed will notice.

Deal with experts: When reworking your image, make sure you use an expert in embroidery. This will guarantee a perfect branding tool for the staff uniform as the design will be outstanding and perfectly done.

Embroidered workwear clothing is an innovative way of re-branding and staying ahead of your competition. Grab this chance and have fun while at it.


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